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ברושים בשדות משמר העמק - אסף רודריגז
67X50 רכב הצלה וצייר
50X40 נוף משמר העמק בתנועה
מראה מהגילבוע - אסף רודריגז
זכרון לטייס
נוף ועירום - אסף רודריגז
100X80 ליבי שלי .JPG
!הדפסי עבודות נבחרות בהזמנה
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Assaf Rodriguez

Megiddo, the Jezreel Valley, the place where he chose to establish his home with his family. Born in Jerusalem, son of a painter and artist, from whom he sucked the affinity for art and painting in particular. After working and living in the center of the country, he chose to establish the studio inside the kibbutz  And to act in it as part of the renewal of the community in the locality. The Jezreel Valley and the lands of the farmers, the plowed fields and trees that are a symbol of the country's landscapes, were seen in his works as a desire, longing and nostalgia for the past in Israel, a past where there was a Zionist ideology and longing to fulfill the Hebrew vision. The sky trees and the ground fields in his paintings are brought together as an expression of the connection between man, the earth and the place.  

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