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Assaf Rodriguez, painter



Born and raised in Jerusalem. From an early age he found himself a painter, interested in art and painting in particular.

He currently lives in Kibbutz Megiddo in the Jezreel Valley.

As a child, Assaf accompanied his father, the painter David Rodriguez, to art meetings and exhibitions he held or attended his work in the studio. He later spent a long time visiting and learning from permanent and renewable exhibitions at the Israel Museum as part of his father's work as a teacher and exhibition designer there. All these enriched his world and aroused his great curiosity for art from antiquity to modernity, this time was for him a great opportunity for exploration and discovery in the art world.

Assaf is self-taught, learning and teaching himself. Over the years he has enriched and deepened his knowledge through courses and experiences in workshops, lectures, intensive days on various topics and visits to museums and galleries. In addition, he is a graduate of the Open University with a bachelor's degree in management and studies for another degree in art history. Alongside painting he continued to enrich himself in various fields such as photography, and stone and wood sculpture.

A variety of subjects can be seen in Assaf's paintings, ranging from Israeli landscapes, especially northern landscapes, drawings of figures and places related to his residence in the Jezreel Valley.

(Landscape paintings of the Land of Israel, Jezreel Valley, cypresses, Israeli art)





Born in Jerusalem, 40 years old, own a BA at the Open University and Art history educated lives and creates in his studio at Kibbutz Megiddo.                                      

The exposure and interest in the aspects of arts already started in his youth under the inspiration of his father the painter David R. from whom he drew great knowledge in Art for all its styles, especially in painting.                              Over the years, enriched and deepened its knowledge by academic courses, visiting Museums all over the world, lectures, attending workshops, and artist experience different techniques ranging from oil painting, acrylic, water colors, wood crafting to stone sculpturing at the artist Burny F studio.                     Over time, using his gained knowledge participated in exhibitions, painted murals in kindergartens and various institutions, designed stage sets, graphic posters and other hi-tech companies.         Today he paints most in Oil colors and Charcoal inspired by the unique landscape of the North of the country, where he lives.


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