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Assaf Rodriguez, Artist


41 years old, born in Jerusalem, owns a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and art studies from the Open University. Lives and creates in his studio in Kibbutz Megiddo.

The exposure to and interest in art, in all forms, began when he was young under the influence of his father, artist and painter, David Rodriguez, from whom he gained his art knowledge and was exposed to different varieties of work and artists.

Throughout the years, Assaf gained more and more knowledge through academic courses, museums, lectures, participating in workshops and exploring different techniques, from drawing in oil, acrylic and water through working with wood and stone sculpturing (the latest  under the guidance of the artist Barni Pink).

Over the course of time, Assaf participated in exhibitions, including street exhibitions, creating wall paints in kinder gardens and in different institutes, designed stage decoration, graphic placard for high-tech companies, etc.

Today, Assaf draws in oil colors and acrylic, under the inspiration of the unique view of Northern Israel, the place he lives in, and as part of teaching the kids to love the country and her views.



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